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Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Broken Moment

Today I'd like to discuss an incident that happened a few weeks ago between two women. The anchorman described what he labeled as a distressing act of road rage. A forty-two years old, who I'll call Nancy, and a sixty-five years old I ll call Alice.

Summary of the incident:

Nancy and Alice cross paths mid-week during the afternoon hours. Nancy's car was stopped at a traffic light behind Alice's. As they started driving to there destinations, something about Alice's driving irritated Nancy. Nancy didn't hesitate to blow her horn and mouth what Alice assumed were obscenities. Unfortunately, Alice had to stop for another traffic light. As she sat at the light, regrettably stopped in front of Nancy. Nancy, then got out of her car with a pipe in her hand and tried to smash Alice's driver side window.

The story ended with Nancy's arrest and her mug shot on the television screen. Later that night as the story re-broad casted. People who knew Nancy spoke to her character not believe she would do the things reported.

I assume something negative had all ready transpired prior to her meeting Alice on the road.
(ephesians 4:26-32)

She experienced what I'd call a broken moment.

Giving away to the flesh, by allowing an interaction with someone else to influence her mood in a negative way. (Galatians 5:15-24)

The importance of this moment is how we react. Realizing that negative emotions left to fester can bring us to ruin and out of God's will. (Eccl7:9, 1peter5:7-10)

That leads me to wonder if she knows God? And if she knows Him did she call on him?
(deu 4:29-31, Rom 7:15-22, 2Tim 3:13))

Have you ever had a broken moment?
What have you done in your broken moments?


  1. Hello! First of all, thank you for commenting on my blog. You were the first and it meant so much to me.

    Second, you own blog is written well and has touched me. I had fallen out of faith with the world around me, and then suddenly, I found the other half of my soul and was blessed with a little one to love and care after. It had renewed my faith in God and the world and I had even begun to attend church regularly and seek the confidence of my priest on how to introduce the word of God to my baby.

    YOur words have great meaning to me and I don't feel over whelmed while reading them (I had gotten so many lectures prior to returning to the church about having not attended in so long, but the new church I found welcomed me warmly when I told them of my past). I feel the same when reading your blog. Thanks :o)

  2. I've had lots of broken moments. 99% of the time, I can avoid taking it out on other people though. I don't understand people that would go to such acts on a random stranger.

    Totally understanding the road rage, though.

  3. Hi and thanks for stopping over at my blog:) Yours is great too:) God Bless you and hope to see you around the blogsphere:) Robin