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Thursday, August 14, 2008

Change One

We're constantly asking what's happening to our youth. Yet fail to realize we've all played a part.

What do you see when you look into a child's eyes?

Can you see pass the negative and strive to bring out the positive? Are you speaking life into there lives believing God will touch there soul? Do you see a girl who will some day be a lady? Or boy who will some day be a man?

I've worked with children who've been treated in the most horrific ways imaginable, by people who should have loved and nurtured them. Yet, when I look in their eyes I can see a child that's screaming to be set free, a child longing to be loved. Regardless of what has happened to them they're still vulnerable and innocent. Emotional fences have been put in place and memories of destruction guard their hearts. While flashbacks of abuse invade their mind. Pictures of a home filled with drinking and drugs torment their thoughts.

'She didn't have to try and sell me,' I heard one child say. Finding comfort in material items, and protection in blankets that can't erase fear or pain. How do you identify with your maternal abuser? Who's gonna love me? Who really cares? Do you know what happen to me?
It breaks my heart to say yes. Then I pray. Knowing only God can mend a heart that's been so brutally damaged. In those eyes I see a child never given the opportunity to be one.

Values are twisted and minds are lost. Yet we stand around shaking our heads and pointing our fingers. We say we're keeping it real..Then I have to ask, by whose standards. Living in a society where the word is used so loosely.

Real is defined as a state of being. A fact, permanent, not artificial but genuine, or being precisely what the name implies.

Wouldn't it be nice if we were really, 'keeping it real.'

Worldly real is sceptical , lacks trust, denies truth, and hides behind phony conversation and faint smiles. I'd say this generation of youth are keeping it real. They've brought to light what has for years been hidden in the dark. Some adults judge them and carry on as if they don't have any idea of where these behaviors came from.

They didn't make the rules they just perfected them. We praise past generations as if we lived in an elite time. Yet I remember a time when issues weren't talked about; and a child knowing their place meant they kept their mouth shut. Whether negative or positive we were to do as told and not as seen.

Today, the negatives and unseen of yesterday ride side by side. What was well hidden in the dark has come to the light.

Unfortunately, many of today's youth have not only brought to light the ills of the past but have taken it a step further. We must look within our selves and step up to our responsibility. Whether or not there ours doesn't matter. We have a responsibility, one that entails a lot of work, but is well worth the effort.

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