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Monday, August 11, 2008

His Love

In Him the perfections of an UN-perfected world
Realizing trials must come
Yet, the reality of the suffering one endures
Is only made vivid when given the opportunity to live through it
How awesome a savior who took on sin to deliver us from it
Knowing our suffering and pain could never compare to His
Our precious savior endured the pain to walk us through our own
Reminding us that in Him all is possible
All can be new again
A love so strong it could never be replaced
His love
Allows us to walk through the fires of life never to be burned
Reminding us He did not say it would be easy
Yet He keeps His promise to never leave or forsake us
A promise hidden deep in the hearts of those who love him

Bible Ref:

Daniel 3:25

Matt 19:26
John 3:16

Rom 5:5-8

Heb 13:5

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