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Tuesday, August 5, 2008

My Healer

Lord, what do I do with my broken heart?
I've read the scriptures and continue to pray
yet I can't seem to cast down the imaginations that keep evading my mine
Father how do I quiet the storm that rages in my soul?
What do I do when everything I've tried seem to fail?
more pain,more sorrow
I feel your presence Lord
I know your listening,
I know your going to answer...But
I don't know how many layers of me you need to remove and it frightens me to know your not finished yet
showing me things about myself I don't like
Things I don't want to see...
I'm not strong enough, but you continue to expose me
I'm weak Lord..Why is it so painful?
Did I sow all in which I'm reaping?
Did I make anyone feel as unloved as I'm feeling?
Please, Lord forgive me
You say your work in me is not done
You are the master surgeon
I'm your patient
More anesthesia, I can still feel the pain
You say you won't give me more than I can bear
I'm still hurting Lord
My legs are still weak
My heart doesn't feel strong enough
You say I must go on...
I'm able
"Who do you trust?"
In you Lord do I put my trust
The pain is subsiding..I can...
one second at a time...
one minute at a time..
one hour at a time.
Thank you Jesus
It's a new day

Bible reference:
Prov 3:5-6
John 16:33

written 2006
while going through
marriage separation

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