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Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Let It Rain

Let the cries of love lost and tears of recent hurt rain down on the shoulders of those who created them

Let it rain

Let the rain of rejection and pain from sorrow nurture the soil that desperately needs it

Let it rain

Let it drench the flowers while feeding the needs of dry lands in deserted places

may it's sincerity bring cleansing

Inhibit no more

Hurting no more

Creating value in unbarring places washing away iniquities of the past

Will it's showers bring forth purpose of greater cause ?

Feeding the soil, reaching the roots, nurturing the branches that show signs of new life

Will the grass come back as green?

Will the lilies continue to sway in an ease that pleases the Father?

The one who nurtures the earth is He not the same one who nurtures the troubled soul?

As the showers of rain have purpose

Does not the flood of tears?

Doe He not wipe both away?

Let it rain

As the words of our Father leave drops on the soul

Covering the heart with a shield of love

Does not everything have purpose?

For when He has replenished to the ends of the earth will it not bring joy?

As yesterdays showers become puddles of child play

Does not the morning sun chase everything away?

I say yes

......Let it rain.......

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