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Monday, January 10, 2011

At His Feet

I just want to sit at his feet

Lay my head on his lap
And let him wipe my tears away
I need to tell Him about my troubles
Lay my pain in His hands
And say
Another tough month Lord
Love ones have gone to meet you
And when happiness tries to shine through once again clouds of sorrow appear
Disappointment and despair seem to stand side by side
I know
I know
I need to sit at His feet
Clear my mine
Worship in His presence
And pray without ceasing
Taking no thought for the cares that tempt and tease
The cares that try to lead me astray

He’s my only comfort
Strong tower

Present help and devil devour
I think I’ll just stay here
At His feet
With both arms wrapped tightly around his ankles
Basking in His Presence, Glory and Power
Asking Him to takes me to a place
where the cares of this world won't faze me
A place where
the pain and sorrow of what I'm feeling
 can be left
A place where I won't question
why did you call my bestfriend home
I realize that place is only at His feet
So I'll stay her for as long as it take
Here at my Fathers feet.

In Memory of Sharmond Oram

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