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Friday, October 16, 2009

Thought For Today (17)

I've thought about changing 'Thought For Today,' to something like

Sharing is Caring or Interesting Reads, but I think for those who have been following

the concept of 'Thought' is pretty much understood.

For a while I've felt like I couldn't write. I believe the enemy was trying to block my progress and hush my voice. I wasn't at a lost for words but when it came writing I couldn't organize my thoughts. God then placed it on my heart to share the insight of his love not only through my work but the work of other believers. He inspired me to share the work of my sisters and brothers with the belief that if there words touched me they'd touch others.

Spread the gospel, aid and assist in lifting up his name.

There are so many wonderful bloggers for Jesus it's hard to add them all but know that your ministries are not in vain.

God Bless

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