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Wednesday, April 14, 2010

People say if you’re not alert, if you’re not present in the moment, or thankful for the big, as well as the small. The encounters that are humdrum, as well as the things that take your breath away. Life… .As we know it will pass you by.

When some one close to you dies, the realization of that statement hits you harder than one can imagine. How often have you heard someone say. I should have done or said one thing or another in reference to someone who is now gone.
I should have…
I should have spent more time.
I should have told him I love Him
I should have listen
I should have talked moreI should have …I should have…I should have…
And how often have you heard it said time stands still for no one…
Or present those flowers while the person is alive.

These simple things we often take for granted believing in a tomorrow that may never come.
It saddens me as I reflect on the many love ones I lost. I’m starting to learn that if we truly live as God has intended being those vessels and givers of love we can limit the I should have in our lives. If we take the time to give of our self with love as our key focus the regret of knowing what we should have done will be minimal.

God Bless…

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