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Thursday, July 22, 2010


I was changing my blog around today.  I figured that would be less stressful than the some of the work I could have been doing.  I visited a site I hadn't been on in a long time and came across some family and friend photo's I hadn't seen in a while. I decided to add these photo's to my blog an as I previewed the slide show a couple of them really struck me as I realized two family members from the slide show have passed away.  A lot of the pictures are from 2008 which was the year we'd traveled to GA for our family reunion and my mom, and aunts class reunion 'Ram Round-up' they call it.  We'd had so much fun looking at there year book pictures and and listening to the stories they'd told about all the fun they'd had growing up and of course how things had changed.  I'm so thankful I was able to capture a little of bit of that in my photo's as I look at the smiles on uncle Le Patrick and aunt Van's face I'm grateful to God for the good times he allowed us to share.  Though it saddens me because I miss them, I take comfort in knowing there in a better place.

I am truly thankful for the  memories.

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