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Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Take Wings & Fly

   Sharmond was a woman character, her love of family, friends and life, was a gift from God and His gift to us.  As I think about those who've passed on and in our sorrow we search for clarity or just a glimpse of understanding.  Some of us question why this person was taken away and why prayers of healing or extended life wasn't answered or wasn't answered in the restoring fashion we'd prayed for.  We are all born on this earth only to one day leave it.  Yet, it's the leaving part we tend to have a problem with. Because we love so deeply I guess we believe we know better than the Father and should have the authority to say when it's time for someone to go.  We tend to forget that as deep as our love may be for someone the Fathers is greater; and thought we may not understand or agree with His timing He's still an on time God.  I believe it's those saint who truly live there lives unto the Lord we have the greatest problem letting go of.   Like the mother bird that nudges her baby out of the nest to teach him how to fly.  Those who've left lasting impressions on our lives were in there own way that mother bird, yet, it was the way He use them in our lives we'll miss the most and, fail to realize it's at that time we have the responsibility to take wings and fly.   Take comfort in knowing that no matter how deep the sorrow or tough the times if you keep your hand in His he will carry you through.  I believe the character He placed in the individuals we cherished is the character He expects us to pass on and take wings and fly.

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