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Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Take Wings & Fly (3)

3rd John 1:2
Beloved, I pray that you may prosper in every way and [that your body] may keep well even as [I know] your soul keep well and prosper.(amp version)

Many friends on FB left well wishes for the coming New Year.  I believe my New Years status stated something like,

' Take the time to spend with those you love because tomorrows not promised..If you have no time for me while I'm living don't cry over me when I'm gone....' 
 And my dear friend wish me and my family an awesome year of abundance and health for the coming year.
 Nine days later the Lord called her home.

I copied those postings and stuck them on a board above my desk. I look at them as a reminder (though I don't need one) of the kind of woman and friend she was.  It reminds me of how blessed I was to have her in my life, and how important our Christian walk is.  We shouldn't need a wake up call to realize that life, our life, is truly a gift from God, and one that should not be taken for granted.

Yet, it seems that no matter how many wake up calls we get, we often take the preciousness of this life for granted.  We put off for tomorrow things we should do today.  We carlessly live as if our tomorrow is promise and our times are not in Gods hands but in our own.  Leaving us wishing we would have taken the time to pick up the phone, visit a love one, or just let a special friend know we care.  I urge you to take the time to tell your love ones you love them and not put off for tomorrow anything you can do today...
What lasting words would you like to leave your love ones?

My friends I pray that you prosper in every way and that you keep well even as your soul continues to be well and prospers...God Bless...

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