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Thursday, August 25, 2011

A Place I Won't Visit

What In Hell Do You Want...
That was the question posed to the congregation this Sunday. The minister started off by saying how lightly we tend to take the word.  Often used to emphasise a point.  We've heard it time and time again, it's cold as...I m hungry as..tired as..mad as and, the dreaded go to... one could go on and on but in actuality, hell is where Satan and his fallen angles roam, a place of doom and eternal fire and brimstone,and eternal home that will be given to those who have chosen not to follow Christ.  It's not the place I believe any one in good conscience want to go or spend eternity. Yet, it's used so loosely in conversation and in the lives of those who don't believe.  Which make it a valid question don't you think?

 I've heard many preachers talk about actions that are not pleasing to God, and speak on repentance and forgiveness.  I even recall them going as far as saying these action lead to death, and  I' m sure hell was mentioned at some point in there sermon.  I'm sure a startling way to lose the majority of your congregation would be to bluntly tell them that if you don't get right with the lord your going to hell.  Though not a heart wrenching sermon they would have been speaking the truth.

As one looks at the state of the world today and how some continue to live there lives without regard for others or God.  We've become a nation of  I, me, and, tell me what I want to hear or at least something that's going to make me feel good.  Many have turned there backs and hearts on those who are trying to do Gods work and will. 

If the message doesn't feel good it's rejected, ignored and, often times there off to the next church.  We must come to the realization that a different messenger is not go to help us if we continue to close the doors of our heart to the message placed before us.  Only God and his holy word can do that.

When the question was presented it opened my spirit challenging me to do a self examination of how I'm living  my life. It is my belief that we as christian must live beyond the words but know with out a shadow of a doubt that we are living in a manner pleasing and of the fathers will.

Does one really want to burn in eternity?  Yet the choice to live ones life outside of Jesus Christ is a life destine for the pit.. knowing there's a God who's loving, forgiving and wants the best for us we must continue to grow in Him and in our spiritual relationship with Him.  We must take the time to honestly explore who He is and what His best looks like.

I can say that as sure as I know there is a heaven I want no parts of hell.

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