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Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Are We There Yet?

I'm not there yet. 
You know that place where when insulted, hurt and, wounded by someone I'm able to shake the dirt off my feet and move on.  I'm striving to get there, it's my goal to mirror Christ, pray for my enemies, and smile in the face of the one whose sole purpose is to hurt me.

I want to be so in-tune with the father that I can brush off  insults, leaving them lost and forgotten like old news, and yesterdays trash. It's a daily struggle and  I can say I've made some progress but have yet to perfect it.  Slowly but surely I'm learning that I am truly his, and in his timing, and with a willing heart in  obedience to him, he will  mold me into the woman he'd have me to be.

  It utterly amazes me how Jesus accomplished all he did to please the father(John 1:11).  I realize that the more we say we want to be like him uncomfortable and unpleasant task will arise.  Yet, to be like him we must press forward, endure, and love even when it hurts.  That sometimes means keeping a closed  mouth and unguided opinions to ones self.    To love him more than self, which, also means we love others more than self. When we can truly master and mirror the love of Christ what powerful witnesses we will be.

So please be patient with me if the image you see isn't where it should be and know God is not through with me yet..

Eph 4:21, Phi 4:8, Col 1:10-13,Col 3-13,1Cor 13:1-8,1peter 3:10,1Peter4:8,

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