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Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Are You Loved

  I believe love is a desire and need every human has.  A child looks for it in the eyes of a parent.  Relations grow and flourish because of it and, in one way or another people live there lives trying to find ,and hold on to it. Society would lead us to believe that love is in the value of something monetary.  Many people spend thousands and thousands of dollars trying to change or improve on there appearance, thinking that if they look like a celebrity, or at least as good as the girl next door, they'll find love.  In the world love is based on so many  facets, what you have, your occupation, and even your worldly connections can be the stepping stone that opens up a window of opportunity, and route in which many seek out love.  It sound strange but it's true.  In the world knowing what a person has along with what that person can do for you determines their worth and value.

Aren't you glad you don't have to live your life by the worlds views?  Don't you know the love of  Jesus is the greatest love anyone can have?  You didn't have to do anything to get it and no one can take his love from you.  He said " I know you," and yet he still loves us.  Before the fountains of the earth were formed he said," that child, is the apple of my eye and I love her/him."  He knew people would let us down, pass judgement on us and that we would do some ugly things.  Yet, because of the love the Father placed in him, he chose to die for us.  He chose to speak up for us and love us inspirt of us. We are loved by the King who's taken on every sin freeing us from worldly bondage. Freely he has washed us with his love and freely we should receive it.  I am so thankful, grateful, and at a loss for words when it come to describing the love he has poured in my heart.  A love that one can't keep to himself, a love that as freely as it has been give must freely be passed on.   In the Fathers eyes the only thing of value required to be love by him is to have been born.  Thank you Jesus...

Father I thank you for your love.  Teach me how to pass that love on and be a lover of your children as you are.  In Jesus name I pray.. Amen..

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