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Thursday, August 14, 2008

Change One

We're constantly asking what's happening to our youth. Yet fail to realize we've all played a part.

What do you see when you look into a child's eyes?

Can you see pass the negative and strive to bring out the positive? Are you speaking life into there lives believing God will touch there soul? Do you see a girl who will some day be a lady? Or boy who will some day be a man?

I've worked with children who've been treated in the most horrific ways imaginable, by people who should have loved and nurtured them. Yet, when I look in their eyes I can see a child that's screaming to be set free, a child longing to be loved. Regardless of what has happened to them they're still vulnerable and innocent. Emotional fences have been put in place and memories of destruction guard their hearts. While flashbacks of abuse invade their mind. Pictures of a home filled with drinking and drugs torment their thoughts.

'She didn't have to try and sell me,' I heard one child say. Finding comfort in material items, and protection in blankets that can't erase fear or pain. How do you identify with your maternal abuser? Who's gonna love me? Who really cares? Do you know what happen to me?
It breaks my heart to say yes. Then I pray. Knowing only God can mend a heart that's been so brutally damaged. In those eyes I see a child never given the opportunity to be one.

Values are twisted and minds are lost. Yet we stand around shaking our heads and pointing our fingers. We say we're keeping it real..Then I have to ask, by whose standards. Living in a society where the word is used so loosely.

Real is defined as a state of being. A fact, permanent, not artificial but genuine, or being precisely what the name implies.

Wouldn't it be nice if we were really, 'keeping it real.'

Worldly real is sceptical , lacks trust, denies truth, and hides behind phony conversation and faint smiles. I'd say this generation of youth are keeping it real. They've brought to light what has for years been hidden in the dark. Some adults judge them and carry on as if they don't have any idea of where these behaviors came from.

They didn't make the rules they just perfected them. We praise past generations as if we lived in an elite time. Yet I remember a time when issues weren't talked about; and a child knowing their place meant they kept their mouth shut. Whether negative or positive we were to do as told and not as seen.

Today, the negatives and unseen of yesterday ride side by side. What was well hidden in the dark has come to the light.

Unfortunately, many of today's youth have not only brought to light the ills of the past but have taken it a step further. We must look within our selves and step up to our responsibility. Whether or not there ours doesn't matter. We have a responsibility, one that entails a lot of work, but is well worth the effort.

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Broken Moment

Today I'd like to discuss an incident that happened a few weeks ago between two women. The anchorman described what he labeled as a distressing act of road rage. A forty-two years old, who I'll call Nancy, and a sixty-five years old I ll call Alice.

Summary of the incident:

Nancy and Alice cross paths mid-week during the afternoon hours. Nancy's car was stopped at a traffic light behind Alice's. As they started driving to there destinations, something about Alice's driving irritated Nancy. Nancy didn't hesitate to blow her horn and mouth what Alice assumed were obscenities. Unfortunately, Alice had to stop for another traffic light. As she sat at the light, regrettably stopped in front of Nancy. Nancy, then got out of her car with a pipe in her hand and tried to smash Alice's driver side window.

The story ended with Nancy's arrest and her mug shot on the television screen. Later that night as the story re-broad casted. People who knew Nancy spoke to her character not believe she would do the things reported.

I assume something negative had all ready transpired prior to her meeting Alice on the road.
(ephesians 4:26-32)

She experienced what I'd call a broken moment.

Giving away to the flesh, by allowing an interaction with someone else to influence her mood in a negative way. (Galatians 5:15-24)

The importance of this moment is how we react. Realizing that negative emotions left to fester can bring us to ruin and out of God's will. (Eccl7:9, 1peter5:7-10)

That leads me to wonder if she knows God? And if she knows Him did she call on him?
(deu 4:29-31, Rom 7:15-22, 2Tim 3:13))

Have you ever had a broken moment?
What have you done in your broken moments?

Monday, August 11, 2008

His Love

In Him the perfections of an UN-perfected world
Realizing trials must come
Yet, the reality of the suffering one endures
Is only made vivid when given the opportunity to live through it
How awesome a savior who took on sin to deliver us from it
Knowing our suffering and pain could never compare to His
Our precious savior endured the pain to walk us through our own
Reminding us that in Him all is possible
All can be new again
A love so strong it could never be replaced
His love
Allows us to walk through the fires of life never to be burned
Reminding us He did not say it would be easy
Yet He keeps His promise to never leave or forsake us
A promise hidden deep in the hearts of those who love him

Bible Ref:

Daniel 3:25

Matt 19:26
John 3:16

Rom 5:5-8

Heb 13:5

Thursday, August 7, 2008

My Protector

The relevance of His love resides deep in my soul
A place untouched except by His hands
He knows me..The me others can't see...The me some don't understand...
The me He created and continues to mold
In his arms I am protected and given the ability to flourish
Filled with his wisdom I rise above my circumstances
Stepping in the footprints He's created
I walk towards a path which leads to my future
Erasing the past where pain and sorrow rein
For He captured the tears of yesterdays misery
deleting the shame
disposing the guilt
covering it all with His everlasting love

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Lord Help Me Guard My Mouth

He who guards his mouth keeps his life, but he who opens wide his lips come to ruin.

Proverbs 13:3

It sounds simple enough. Be quiet. Don't say anything you don't need to. Watch what you say or at the very least how you say it. Why is it not as simple as it sounds? It's my mouth, my body, I should be able to control what I say, and how I say it...He who guards his mouth....How often have you wanted to hit yourself for allowing the opinions or rudeness of someone else to take you to the point of no return? You know that point where something inside of you said, let it go, ignore it , walk away before you say some you'll regret... But he who opens wide his lips... Have you ever walked away just to have the last word? Comes to ruin... How many relationships have you seen ruined because the parties involved weren't able to take control of the situation? One careless comment led to days of arguing. One senseless statement hurt the feelings of their love one. In that moment it's Gods wisdom we need. He is the only one able to catch us before we fall into the traps that kill relationships and others spirit. . We must remember to call on him and simply ask, "Lord help me to guard my mouth."

My Healer

Lord, what do I do with my broken heart?
I've read the scriptures and continue to pray
yet I can't seem to cast down the imaginations that keep evading my mine
Father how do I quiet the storm that rages in my soul?
What do I do when everything I've tried seem to fail?
more pain,more sorrow
I feel your presence Lord
I know your listening,
I know your going to answer...But
I don't know how many layers of me you need to remove and it frightens me to know your not finished yet
showing me things about myself I don't like
Things I don't want to see...
I'm not strong enough, but you continue to expose me
I'm weak Lord..Why is it so painful?
Did I sow all in which I'm reaping?
Did I make anyone feel as unloved as I'm feeling?
Please, Lord forgive me
You say your work in me is not done
You are the master surgeon
I'm your patient
More anesthesia, I can still feel the pain
You say you won't give me more than I can bear
I'm still hurting Lord
My legs are still weak
My heart doesn't feel strong enough
You say I must go on...
I'm able
"Who do you trust?"
In you Lord do I put my trust
The pain is subsiding..I can...
one second at a time...
one minute at a time..
one hour at a time.
Thank you Jesus
It's a new day

Bible reference:
Prov 3:5-6
John 16:33

written 2006
while going through
marriage separation