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Up For The Challenge

This is an interesting and challenging time in history.

With talk of recession due to a failing economy. The truth is no matter who's elected to the White House they'll have a lot to do and much to overcome. Big businesses and banks going bankrupt; who would have thought we'd see such a time? I find it interesting that the money hungry are now having a difficult time holding on to there money. People are being laid-off from jobs they've worked for many years, and others look around hoping their not next in line. Patience, trust, and beliefs are being tested. Carelessly the government has hit us where it hurts, and for many hope is gone. Those who once frowned on the homeless and wanted them housed far away from them are now wonder how far away they are from being homeless themselves. As money continues to be harder and harder to attain, we helplessly watch friends and strangers lose their homes. The things once taken for granted now lay heavy on our hearts. Deciding wh…