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Image by Getty Images via @daylife In every life a little rain must fall like tears of joy  how does one embrace the tears of sorrow life on this earth is not eternal yet, we strive to prolong it hold on to it sometimes forgetting to cherish it life love laughter and absence...

The absence of so many who have gone on year after year another rose blooms ushering in a fragrance beauty memory of how precious life and  loss can be like us roses bloom and then wither away
leaving only the memories of
a love
to precious to forget
and the hopes of an
eternal life
to come
In memory of Johnny Murphy...


Something and someone I'm striving to be.
  God's living testimony.  I don't want to take for granted the time He's given me.  I no everyday is a blessing, and the realization of that is only heighten,  when one only has the memories of love ones who've passed on. The memories remind us of our capacity to love and be loved.  Every day is a gift from the father let us make good use of the gifts and precious time He's give 

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