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Let's Pray:

Father I thank you for waking us this morning and for the gentle rest we received last night.
 I thank you for being the awesome father, nurturer, and provider that you are. 
Lord on this day my heart is heavy as I look at the negative things going on around me and the increase of violence occurring in every city and state.  Yet, I know that you said in your word these things would happen and that we should not be troubled.  I also know that you are able to change the situation and hearts of man.

 Lord I ask that you enter the hearts and minds of your child opening our eyes to the people we are and the people you'd have us to be. Father I as that you show us the area's within us that are not pleasing to you, and give us the wisdom and ability to change into that man or woman that will be a pleasing vessel to you. Father I ask that you'd bring those who don't know you unto your salvation and place a desire in them so strong that they will seek you, find you, and live t…