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My Peace

In a world where there seems to be so much chaos around me  And noise that is hitting me from every side,  As I sit still or even in my movement, He continues to be my peace.  Sights seen and unseen He handles Taking away the fears that stem from the cares of this world  He is my peace Who is this He I speak of - This he would be Jesus, my Lord and Savior,  My peace.  He walks with me, He talks with me, but then sometimes he’s with me - And He's- silent- Silently providing me with His peace  The peace that allows me to shake off negativity You know The negative things people have said to me The negative things that have happened to me The things that rocked my soul-until I gave them to Him Though their words bang in my hearing like cymbals clanging together in a disturbing rhythm.  Daily clouding my judgement,and judging me  Silence My peace  My peace in the lost of love ones My peace when I don’t understand My peace is He the one who created me  It was He who said there will be trouble in this world  An…