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Birth of History

Wade Walter Murphy
November 3, 2008.
6 lb 8oz

Born a day before the presidential election.
In your parents eyes history has all ready begun.
As adult voters wonder who the next president will be you lay wrapped in a receiving blanket so peacefully. One eye open and the other closed as if playing hide-an-seek with those who came to visit you. In the frailness of your form loving bonds are being made. And one can't help but admire how fearfully and wonderfully God has made you. Looking at you brings back memories of my children's birth and I find the whole blueprint of life to simply be amazing. How does God do what he does? How does he fashion and form so uniquely?
How does He decide whose eyes, nose and even toes you'll have?
It's awesome, when one really thinks about it, how detailed He is.

As the love of family surrounds you, God presence is also there. Just as He kept you in the comfort of your mothers womb
I know that he will continue to comfort, protect, and provide for …