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Saturday, December 8, 2012

Pure Love

 Are you loved to perfection?  I know that sounds like a crazy question.  You must be asking  how could anyone be loved to perfection?  I mean really, no one is perfect, we are all flawed in one way or another.  Even the best relationships have there share of  problems. To be loved to perfection is a tall order. But beloved I am here to remind you that you are loved to perfection.

 I love the song J Moss sings titled, Good and Bad.  He sings about his short comings and yet God loving him through his good and his bad.  The lyrics say that anyone else would have given up on him  and goes on to say that if the shoe was on the other foot he would have given up himself. Yet, God never gave up on him and loved him through his imperfections.

John 3:16 says that God so loved the world that he gave his only son.  He gave his son knowing that on a daily basis we would let him down.  He gave his son for the liar, cheater and murder. That's a love that leaves me in awe.  He gave his son to save a world that would deny him the glory and honor he so rightly deserve. How many of us would give anything to someone we knew wouldn't appreciate it?  Who would willingly give there child's life to save the life of someone they knew would disappoint, disrespect and even deny them?

So again my beloved, I ask you, are you loved to perfection?    

Thank God for Jesus and His perfect love.  When I was drowning in my sins, he loved me over and over again.  When I had no one to talk to, and felt like I was alone in this world, he comforted and counseled my weary soul. When I made mistake after mistake he never left me alone. It took me a while to understand his unconditional love because it was something I'd never experienced.  There had been periods in my life when those who said they love let me down. There's also been time in my life when the opposite was true. For that reason it was difficult for me to understand how God could continue to love me.  Every time I made a mistake I thought God would leave me, but as I continued to read and fellowship with Him, I learned that He would never withdraw His vow to love me. In spite of me, He chose me and He loves  me to perfection. It is because of His love for me that I strive to be the kind of lover He is. 

Love suffers long,and is kind:love envieth not; love value not itself, is not puffed up. Doesn't behave itself unseemly, seeks not her own, is not easily provoked, thinketh no evil; doesn't rejoice in iniquity, but rejoices in truth. Bears all things, believes all things, hopes all things, endures all things.  Love never fails;

Friday, November 30, 2012

This Woman

'Questions seeking answers' was the topic a minister from my church used as a point of reference for her sermon taken from the book of Luke.

She talked about the woman the pharisee only referred to as a sinner.  The woman who interrupted dinner to get to Jesus.  The woman who washed Jesus feet with her tears and wiped them with her hair. The woman who poured costly oil on his feet as other murmured and judged her, and Jesus.
I could just hear them, ' He calls himself a prophet?  Does he not know what kind of woman he's allow to touch him?  He's no prophet.'

The minister went on to describe her as a worshiper, giver, and one who held nothing back because she, unlike the pharisee believed and knew she was in the presence of our lord.  She, unlike the pharisee knew she could never repay Jesus for saving her from the pit of hell, and then she ask, do you see this woman?

Do you see this woman? This sinner? Do you really see her?
This woman gave bits and pieces of  herself as she looked for love in all the wrong places.   She dreamed of a better life or at least an existence where she'd matter to someone. A place where her hoped would be acknowledged and desires nurtured. She'd been beaten, may be not physically but life had left her depleted, and mentally exhausted. Then came Jesus, the bread of life and burden bearer, he saw her, understood her, loved her, and forgave her. So now I'm asking you, do you see this woman?  I do because that woman is me.

Luke 7:36-50

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Are You Loved

  I believe love is a desire and need every human has.  A child looks for it in the eyes of a parent.  Relations grow and flourish because of it and, in one way or another people live there lives trying to find ,and hold on to it. Society would lead us to believe that love is in the value of something monetary.  Many people spend thousands and thousands of dollars trying to change or improve on there appearance, thinking that if they look like a celebrity, or at least as good as the girl next door, they'll find love.  In the world love is based on so many  facets, what you have, your occupation, and even your worldly connections can be the stepping stone that opens up a window of opportunity, and route in which many seek out love.  It sound strange but it's true.  In the world knowing what a person has along with what that person can do for you determines their worth and value.

Aren't you glad you don't have to live your life by the worlds views?  Don't you know the love of  Jesus is the greatest love anyone can have?  You didn't have to do anything to get it and no one can take his love from you.  He said " I know you," and yet he still loves us.  Before the fountains of the earth were formed he said," that child, is the apple of my eye and I love her/him."  He knew people would let us down, pass judgement on us and that we would do some ugly things.  Yet, because of the love the Father placed in him, he chose to die for us.  He chose to speak up for us and love us inspirt of us. We are loved by the King who's taken on every sin freeing us from worldly bondage. Freely he has washed us with his love and freely we should receive it.  I am so thankful, grateful, and at a loss for words when it come to describing the love he has poured in my heart.  A love that one can't keep to himself, a love that as freely as it has been give must freely be passed on.   In the Fathers eyes the only thing of value required to be love by him is to have been born.  Thank you Jesus...

Father I thank you for your love.  Teach me how to pass that love on and be a lover of your children as you are.  In Jesus name I pray.. Amen..

Thursday, May 3, 2012

Praying for the Church

·                                  Praying for the Church is very important.

Many problems relating to the churches and instances of strife and gossiping can be altered if you will just pray for your church.

Or pray for the churches as a whole, the church, the body of Christ.

Praying For The Church

1Pet 5:6...........Heavenly Father, we humble ourselves under Your mighty hand.
1Jn 1:9.............Forgive us for our sins, and cleanse us from all unrighteousness.
Heb 10:22.........Let us draw near to You with a true heart in full assurance of faith,
Heb 10:22.........having our hearts sprinkled from an evil conscience,
Heb 10:22.........and our bodies washed with pure water.
Col 3:16............Let Your Word dwell in us richly.
Col 1:9..............Fill us with the knowledge of Your will,
Col all wisdom and spiritual understanding,
Col 1:10............that we may live and conduct ourselves in a manner worthy of You,
Col 1:10............fully pleasing You, and being fruitful in every good work.
Eph 4:23...........And, by being renewed in the spirit of our minds,
Col 3:12............that we put on tender mercies, kindness, humility,
Col 3:12............meekness, longsuffering: bearing with and forgiving one another.
Eph 4:13...........That we dwell together in the unity of the faith,
1Thes 5:12........recognizing those who labor among us,
1Thes 5:13........esteeming them highly in love for their work's sake.
1Cor 1:10..........I pray we all speak the same thing, with no divisions among us,
Phil 1:27...........standing fast in one spirit, striving together for the faith.
Heb 13:9...........That we're not carried about with various and strange doctrines,
2Tim 2:15..........But we study, rightly dividing the word of truth.
Jude 1:16..........That we're not murmurers, complainers, walking after our own lusts,
1Tim 6:18..........but are rich in good works, ready to give and willing to share.
Eph 4:16...........I pray that the whole body be knit and joined together,
Eph 4:16...........and that every part does its share causing growth to the body.
1Pet 4:10..........As each one has received a gift, let him minister it,
Phil 2:4.............looking out for the interests of others.
1Pet 1:22..........Let us all fervently love one another with a pure heart,
2Jn that we do not lose the things we have worked for.
1Pet 4:7............Let us become serious and watchful in our prayers,
Eph 5:16...........redeeming the time, for the days are evil.
Heb 12:1...........Running with endurance the race that is set before us,
Col 3:2.............setting our minds on things above and not on things on the earth.
Phil 3:14...........But pressing toward the goal for the prize of the upward call of God.
Eph 6:11...........Putting on the whole armor of God that we may stand against the devil.
Acts 4:29..........That we will speak forth Your Word with great boldness
Acts 4:30..........and that You will stretch forth Your hand to heal,
Acts 4:30..........that signs and wonders may be done in the name of Your Son Jesus.