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Friday, July 4, 2014

Take Wings & Fly (4)

This life I live is not my own it was planned and established before the foundations of the earth. 
I am not here by chance, or of mans choice, but because of God's great love for me.  I like all of you were fashioned and formed to accomplish His greater purpose, and to be a light in the dark spaces of this world.  Yet, before we can effectively witness to others about the goodness of our Lord and Savior, our actions must be in line and in tune with our Father's. Which leads me to ask, how many of us take inventory of how we present ourselves to others?  Do you know how others perceive you?

 Think about it, we expect our love ones, friends, and even acquaintances to know something about our character, feelings, likes and dislikes.  At times we may encounter someone who doesn't know we're a Christian and we jovially tell them, but is our character lining up with the image we want to represent.  Have you ever ask some one to describe you, and the description you received wasn't what you were expecting?   I have and believe me the way some people described me left me puzzled, and a bit disheartened, but it also open my eyes to the areas in my personality that needed work. 

I'm not a soft spoken woman and believe in voicing my opinion. It has never been my intent to hurt a persons feelings, but I was told I could be a bit harsh in my delivery.  Once digesting this information  I could see where my determination to get a point across could be perceived as overbearing.  As a child of the King I believe we must always be willing to self-examine our actions as well as our attitudes. Our goal should always be to act and respond in a manner that glorifies Him.  We must be willing to acknowledge our faults and also apologize to anyone we may have offended.   A daily dose of His word along with prayer and meditation is required to keep us on the right track.  We don't want to live as the world lives because our goal to live our lives in a manner that glorifies Christ.

Eph 5:1-7, Phil 2:14-15 & 4:4-9, Gal 5:22-23

Friday, June 27, 2014

My Story

You are my love story
Sent from heaven above
Uniquely fashioned and formed just for me to love
You are my love story
A man of splendor and charm
One who understands the me other do not see
You are my love story
knowing the intricate parts of me
Understanding what makes me undeniably me

You are my love story
The one who justifies and completes me
Caring for the desires of my soul
While bringing clarity to vision that were once dreams
How precious your thoughts of me must be
To number the hairs on my head
And hold my tears in your bottle
How precious your thoughts of me must be
 To love me through my negativity

You are my love story
The one who comforts and caresses me
The one who walks with me through joy and pain
No greater love have I ever known
Through trials and persecution you continued to claim and validate me
You Lord Jesus are my love story
Forever and until the end

June 27, 2014

I have one word for you, VICTORIOUS, now say it believe it and walk in it..

Sunday, June 15, 2014

Lessons From Fathers

Happy Father's Day to all the wonderful father's out there.  May God continue to lead you in the path in which you are to go. 

Thursday, June 12, 2014

A Child’s First Image of God

A Child’s First Image of God

Father let your light shine so brightly in us that those around us will want to know you.  Let the reflection others seen be the brilliance an spirit of your love and character. Let us witness your loving character to all we come in contact with and especially in our homes.  You God are an awesome Father who is worthy to be praised.  We love you lord, we honor you lord, we lift our hands and our voices singing praise unto you.  Pattern our steps dear Father and let our walk and talk be in line with your word.  In Jesus name I pray.

Thursday, May 22, 2014

TD Jakes Help is on The Way ....Home Remedies 1 of 4

Their may be storms in your life, but God.  His help is on the way.  Hold fast to the faith and know that this too shall pass.  Give it to Him believing and knowing that he is well able to handle the situation.  He will never leave us comfortless or helpless.  Remember beloved God is not like man He protects, provides and cares for his own.. Are you His? as long as you belong to the one true and living God believe He will show up and show out.. Be blessed..

Tuesday, May 20, 2014