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Rest In Peace

I'm trying to wrap my mind around the fact that my friend is gone.  The thought of only seeing her in pictures and /or old video is one I find hard to bear.  It's amazing when you think about how often we take the relationships we have with others for granted.  She called me a few days before her passing because she couldn't find Oprah's new network on her Canadian station.  We'll I wasn't much interested in Oprah's network and didn't know what channel it  was on on the US station so I figured I'd call her back when I knew something.   After a couple of days had gone by one of my friends on facebook had a site with Oprah's information and it appeared that there wasn't a station for Canada.  I'd been meaning to call her and tell her that but knowing how resourceful she was I figured she'd found it. 
That was the last message I received and will ever receive from her. 
The thought of that brings tears to my eyes. 

People are always posting things about friendship and how it can be measured.  Some say you can measure a friendship by how a person is there for you when you need them.  I'd have to say I agree with that. 
There was such a luxury in knowing she was a phone call away, and no matter what the situation she was a listening ear and would always offer a word of prayer.  I'm going to miss that about her. 
A God given friend who's honest and true is hard to come by...I miss her... In the flesh I guess I'm afraid I'm gonna need her again and by no fault of her own she won't be here for me...I know God will provide and it's from Him my help and strength comes from  but I also know that for so long he'd been working in my life through her,and I thank Him for that.

 He placed her in my life for a reason and for many seasons.  He gifted her with an ability many of us can only pray for.  Her capacity to love and care for others was truly amazing.  She was a wife who honored the Lord, and her husband.   The nuturing, love and independence she showered her sons with is something to cherish.  The memories I have of her I will cherish forever and as I write this I'm still trying to wrap my mind around the fact that my friend is gone. Gone on to glory never to be forgotten.  I know Gods ways are higher than ours and thoughts deeper than our yet, I'm utterly confused about this one and I'm leaning on Him to help me understand an make peace with my good bye.


  1. I'm sorry for your loss. I really needed to hear what you wrote about Sharmond. I miss her so much, I googled her name to find something about her, so that I can keep holding on to her. Sharmond was my manager and a great one at that. I just started at Adecco and was glad to find a great leader like her. I was looking forward to learning and growing through her. Last week at work, was a big blur to me and as another week starts and I go through my day, I miss her so much, and wish she was still here for guidance and laughter. I wish I met her sooner so I'd know her longer. Bless you for posting this.


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