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Red Truck of Mercy

That’s it, I quit, I give up!!
That’s right I’m throwing in the towel, waving the white flag.
I’m finish, I’m done. If I never see snow again it will be too soon for me. I just finished working an eight hour overnight shift and the last thing I want to do is shovel.
As a child I couldn’t wait until it snowed. My cousins and I would spend hours playing in the snow we were supposed to be shoveling. Now when the weather man predicts snow I hope and pray he’s wrong.

I thank God for snow blowers, plows, and throwers. Unfortunately my little snow throwers are gone for the weekend, I don’t have a snow blower and didn’t reach my neighbor who has a snow plow until I was half way done. The bible says to give thanks in all things. When I saw him pull up in his red truck I said ‘Thank you Lord, because you know I’m tired'.

A happy heart is good medicine and a cheerful mind works healing….
(Proverbs 17:22 )

Merry Christmas & God Bless


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